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⑴ reliable connection: polyethylene pipe system between the use of electric hot melt connection, the joint strength is higher than the pipe body strength.

⑵ low temperature impact resistance: polyethylene low temperature embrittlement temperature is very low, in the -60-60 ℃ temperature range of safe use. Winter construction, due to good impact resistance of the material, will not occur tube embrittlement.






⑺ Good flexibility: The flexibility of the HDPE drain makes it easy to bend, and the project can bypass the obstruction by changing the pipe. In many cases, the flexibility of the pipe can reduce the amount of pipe and reduce the installation cost.

⑻ low flow resistance:HDPE Water Pipe with a smooth inner surface, the Manning coefficient of 0.009. Smooth performance and non-sticking properties ensure that HDPE drains have higher transport capacity than traditional tubing, while also reducing piping pressure loss and water consumption.

⑼ easy handling:HDPE Water Pipe than concrete pipes, galvanized pipe and steel pipe lighter, it is easy to carry and install, lower manpower and equipment needs, means that the installation costs greatly reduced.

- さまざまな新しい建設方法:伝統的な掘削に加えて、さまざまな建設技術を持つHDPE水道管は、建設に使用することができますが、パイプジャッキング、方向掘削などのさまざまな新しいトレンチレス技術を使用することもできます。 、いくつかの場所を掘削することは許可されていない、亀裂や他の建設手段は、唯一の選択肢なので、HDPE排水アプリケーションはより広く。