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PPR tube not only has the usual plastic tube weight is small, anti-corrosion, difficult to scale, the use of a long time and other features, there are other primary features such as:

1、デバイスは単純な、ライン上の収束です。 PPRはまた、優れた溶接機能を持っています、パイプ、溶接に溶接するためにパイプ継手を使用することができ、そしてそれ自身の硬度よりも強度のいくつかの収束も大きいです。


3, its use of a long time. PPR tube at the working temperature of 70 ℃, working pressure (P.N) 1.OMPa conditions, at least 50 years can be used; at a temperature of 20 ℃ in the case of at least 100 years.

4, PPR material molecules only carbon, hydrogen, there is no harmful toxic substances exist, can be used in hot and cold water pipes and pure drinking water system.

5、この材料は断熱することができ、省エネルギーです。 PPRチューブの熱伝導率は0.21w / mk、鋼鉄の約1/200。

6, excellent heat resistance. PPR tube Vicat softening point 131.5 ℃. The maximum working temperature of up to 95 ℃, can reach the construction of water supply and drainage standards for the use of hot water system standards.

PPR pipe fittings production demand is also constantly ahead of the quality of the product is not the slightest slack, ppr tube as a new type of pipe in the 21st century, occupies an important position in the market, made the majority of users Praise. So we must identify in the selection of high quality GB products, not because of cheap and lead to late irreparable fault.

PPRパイプどのようにより良い選択? PPR継手を購入するときは、次の点に注意を払う必要があります。

First, the quality of pipe resolution water quality is good or bad

Traditional galvanized Netcom pipe fittings simple rust, scaling, corrosion, easy to reproduce micro-organisms, will occur secondary pollution, will directly threaten to our people's well-being. Today, household drinking water pipes are mainly aluminum-plastic pipe and PPR pipe fittings, but because it is plastic, so easy to dash.



A look: Netcom tube industry on the surface of the pipe color, thickness, gloss, Netcom pipe PPR pipe wall is not marked with the trademark, temperature, standard, pressure, production batch.



Third, the same important water pipe construction



2, strict information, each process one by one test, to prevent jerry-making.