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HDPE配水管最も一般的な接続方法は次のとおりです。ホットメルト接続、フューズ接続、ソケット型フレキシブル接続、フランジ接続、スチール - プラスチックトランジションジョイント接続。


Hot-melt connection is a special heating tool, under pressure in the HDPE Water Pipe or pipe fittings to be connected to the part to be melted, remove the heating tool, the pressure of the two melting surface together, at a steady pressure for a period of time , Until the joint cools. Hot melt connections include hot melt butt connection, hot melt socket connection, hot melt saddle connection.

2, HDPE Water Pipe fused connection

Fused connection is built-in resistance wire with a special fuse part of the connection with the pipe in close contact with power, through the embedded resistance wire heating connection parts, so that integration, until the joint cooling. The fused connection can be used to connect to HDPE Water Pipe or socket fittings with different types and different melt flow rates. The fused connection is divided into fused socket connection and fused saddle type connection.


Polyethylene pipe jacking flexible connection is a new type of connection developed with reference to the principle of socket-type flexible connection of cast iron and polyvinyl chloride (pvc-u). It is welded at one end of the HDPE Water Pipe with a reinforced polyethylene Mouthpiece.

Socket-type flexible connection is one of the HDPE Water Pipe directly into the tube or pipe fittings in the special socket, through the socket in the lock ring compression pull, rubber seal tight seal, to connect pipe and pipe fittings purposes.


Flange connection is mainly used for polyethylene pipe and metal pipes or valves, flow meters, pressure gauges and other ancillary equipment connection. Flange connection mainly by the polyethylene flange connector, steel or aluminum flanges, gaskets or seals, bolts, nuts and other components. Flange connection is through the fastening bolts, nuts, flange connections and flange pieces in close contact to achieve the purpose of connection.


The steel-plastic transition joint is used to connect polyethylene pipes and metal pipes by cold or other prefabricated steel-plastic transition joints. Steel-plastic transition joints have anti-pull locking rings and seals, usually require a good sealing performance and resistance to drawing, pressure resistance is greater than the system of polyethylene pipes.


1.基本特性:高密度ポリエチレンは不透明な白いワックスのような素材で、光より水の割合、0.941〜0.960の比重、柔らかくて丈夫ですが、LDPEよりもわずかに硬いだけでなく、やや細長い、非 - 無毒、無味。

2. Combustion characteristics: flammable, from the fire can continue to burn, the top of the flame was yellow, the bottom was blue, burning will melt, a liquid dripping, no black smoke, at the same time, issued when the issue of paraffin burning The smell

3.主な利点:Naisuan Jianは、有機溶剤に強い、優れた電気絶縁性、低温にもかかわらず、特定の靭性を維持することができます。表面硬度、引張強さ、剛性および他の機械的強度は、PPに近い、PPに近い、LDPEよりも高いが、PPとしての表面仕上げ


1. Arena board (ice hockey board); 2. Backpack frame; 3. Bulletproof plate; 4. Bottle cap; 5. Chemical resistance of the pipeline system; 6. Coaxial cable insulator; 7. Food storage containers; Car fuel tank; 9. steel pipe corrosion protection; 10. electrical and pipe boxes; 11. far infrared lens; 12 folding chairs and tables; 14. geothermal heat transfer tube system; 15. heat-resistant fire mortar; Helmet; 17. hula hoop; 18. natural gas distribution pipe system