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Pipe to Transport Sand & Water for Dredging



Basic Info

  • Outer Diameter:65-800 mm

  • 壁の厚さ:8-38 mm

  • 公称圧力:0.6-2.0 Mpa

  • Length:3-12 meters

  • Certification:ISO9001: 2008

  • Trademark:SUNPLAST

  • 仕様:中国規格

  • 産地:中国

  • HS Code:39172100


Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe  is widely used in metallurgical mines, electric power, petroleum, natural gas, textiles, paper making, food, chemica industry, machinery, electrical and other industries. 




3. Corrosion resistance


4. Good self-lubrication
PEパイプはワックス状物質そのものを含んでおり、その自己潤滑性は非常に良好です。摩擦係数(196n、2時間)はわずか0.219mn / m(GB 3960)なので、その自己潤滑はスチールや油潤滑付き真鍮より優れています。


The resistance to low temperature of UHMWPE pipe is excellent, and its impact resistance and anti-abrasion can't change basically at minus 269 degrees celsius. It is the only available engineering plastics can work at temperatures close to absolute zero. Meanwhile, the adaptable temperature range of UHMWPE pipe is large, and it can be used within -269 to 80 degrees celsius. 


PE pipe has excellent surface non-adhesion and surface smoothness due to its small friction coefficient and non-polarity. 


The unsaturated genes of PE molecular chain are less, and its fatigue resistance strength is more than 500 thousand times, and its environmental stress cracking resistance is more than 4000h, which is twice more than the PE. It can still maintain more than 70% mechanical properties after it is buried and used for 50 years. 

8. Easy installation

The weight of unit length of PE pipe is only one-eighth of the steel pipe, which makes loading and unloading, transportation, installation be more convenient.