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The main part of the Butt Welding Machine is a step-down transformer, the secondary coil is welded at both ends of the workpiece and the electrode, the work of igniting the arc, the arc in the high temperature welding electrode welded to the gap in the workpiece. As the welding transformer core has its own characteristics, it has a sharp drop in the characteristics of the voltage, that is, after the electrode ignition voltage drop; in the electrode was shortened bonding, the voltage is a sharp decline. Next Xiaobian to introduce the principle of Butt Welding Machine and the advantages of welding machine.

Principle of butt welding






The welding machine is used to crush the two ends of the butt welding parts at both ends of the electrode. After the power is applied, the two ends are pushed forward by the forging cylinder, and the current density of the port is close , The instantaneous liquefaction to form a metal beam and blasting metal splash, that is flash; with the port gradually close, then the point gradually increased, and finally the entire end face are formed numerous liquid metal beams, and continue to blasting, so that the end of the heated to Plastic and liquid critical point after the moment on both ends of the large pressure forging and pressure for some time,Butt Welding Machine  the two ends of the welding together to form a solid connector. The welding machine is mainly used for the docking of the end face of the part. It is generally required to have the same end face shape and cross section. It can be used for sheet metal, round bar, square bar, pipe fittings, profile material, including ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, Copper and dissimilar metal docking, docking area of 10000mm2.





According to different welding objects to replace the use of different welding mold more simple.

The internal voltage of the device is changed from the 380V voltage to 36V, and the safety performance is good.


The use of the Butt Welding Machine between the reinforcement and the reinforcement is the largest, can be seamless welding or according to customer needs a variety of welding methods. Applicable to wire products, hardware lighting, kitchen utensils, cars, small appliances, hardware, etc. occasions will have the credit of the Butt Welding Machine. The ability to weld also varies with varying degrees.