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Product Detail


  • Model NO.:SUNPLAST-2001

  • Material:PEX-Al-PEX


  • 仕様:ASTM F 1281、ASTM F 1282

  • 産地:中国

  • HS Code:3917290000

Product Description

Pex-al-pex pipe's inner and outer layer are both of pex material, which is clean, non pollution and smooth. Pex-al-pex pipe's MID-layer is aluminum belts, which can 100% anti-leakage of gas with all of metal strong points and without any of their weak points. Risong pex-al-pex pipe applies extra-sound wave contact-melting aluminum belt, 5-layer co-squeezing mould head, pressure-adding inner pipe, adding and pressure-adding in the squeezer, the material is made into flowing style to spout out of the opening mould and squeezed into demanded shape, which technology is used the main equipment, ie. Squeezer. Besides, the needed supplementary equipments are machine-head opening mould, cold-shape setter, puller, cutter, up-batcher, etc.

1. pex-al-pexパイプの色:白、黄色、赤と利用可能なカスタマイズ
2. pex-al-pexパイプの証明書:ISO9001:2000、CE証明書。
3. pex-al-pexパイプの規格:ASTM F 1281
ペックス - アル - ペックスパイプのサイズ:1216、1418、1620、2025、2632。
5. Packing of pex-al-pex pipe: To be packed in rolls with 100 meters or according to customers requirements.
7. Working pressure: PN1.0Mpa