Basic Info.

素材: HDPE  (PE80 or PE100)
Hardness:Hard Tube
Color: Black with blue strips for water or yellow color for gas.
証明書:CE BS6920
Origin: Zhejiang
HS Code:HDPEパイプ用3917210000、HDPEパイプ継手用391740000

Product Description



We offer a comprehensive range of HDPEの管および付属品それは高度な技術的条件の下で、設定された産業基準に従って高品質の材料を使用して製造されています。これらのパイプは、靭性、耐久性、容易な設置、そして腐食や化学物質に対する耐性で広く評価されています。パイプは、軽量なので設置が非常に簡単で、現場で任意の長さに簡単に接合できます。

The HDPE pipes and fittings are broadly used in various kinds piping solutions in municipal, industrial, marine, mining, landfill, duct and agricultural applications. For their unmatched quality and durability these can also be used above ground surface, buried, slip lined, floating, and sub-surface marine applications.




  • Can carry potable water, wastewater, slurries, chemicals, hazardous wastes and compressed gases, with the greatest of ease

  • Can be used in the gas, oil, mining and other industries

  • 年間キロメートルあたりの修理頻度が最も低い

  • そのような強く、非常にタフで耐久性などの彼らの機能で知られています

  • 問題のない設置を提供

  • 柔軟性、耐薬品性




  • Long Term Resistance to Internal Pressure

  • 高い引張特性

  • 優れた曲げ特性

  • 高い衝撃強度

  • 優れた流動特性

  • Light Weight & Flexibility


Thermal Properties


  • 低い熱伝導率

  • 高い熱安定性


Chemical Properties


  • High Resistance to Chemical Attack

  • 高い環境応力割れ性

Other Properties


  • High Abrasion Resistance

  • Low Coefficient of Friction

  • 動物の生活に強い

  • Low Flammability

  • 生理的に無害

  • High Weather ability

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SUNPLAST brand HDPE pipes and fittings are free inspection products in our domestic market, due to the superior quality. Meanwhile, our HDPE pipes and fittings have been also exporting to more than 20 countries from worldwide. SUNPLAST promises our customers all of the HDPE pipes and fittings are made by top quality material, and can provide a warranty time in quality of 15 years for all.