China Supplier of PE, PVC, PPR Pipes and Fittings



  • 材質:PE

  • Hardness:Hard Tube

  • タイプ:熱可塑性パイプ

  • Color:Transparent

  • ホロウ:ホロウ

  • Shape:Round

  • Usage:Water Supply Pipe

  • Grade:PE 80 / 100 / HDPE

  • Certification:ISO 9001, BV

  • OEM:利用できる

  • ODM:あり

  • PE Heating Pipes:Pex-a, Pert

  • Underfloor Heating System:PPR, Cooper Manifold, Pipes, Ball Valve, Filter

  • PPRアプリケーション:給湯および冷水供給



Polyethylene water supply pipes can be classified to two ratings by different ratings of materials used - PE80 and PE100, and to six series by standard diameter ratio - SDR11, SDR13.6, SDR17, SDR21, SDR26 and SDR33. PE pipe


1. Long working life.通常の条件下での最低50年の生活。


衛生。 PE pipe are nontoxic, without the composition of heavy metal additives. No scale, not breeding germ, no second pollution to the potable water.


3.さまざまな種類の化学物質からの攻撃に対する高い耐性. No electrochemical corrosion.


4. Smooth internal surface.非常に低い摩擦係数メディアの通過能力が向上しました。優れた耐摩耗性


5. Good flexibility, high resistance to impact. Resistance to earthquake and twisting.


6.軽量easy to transport, convenient installation.


7.ユニークなエレクトロフュージョン溶接 and butt welding make the joints stronger than the material, to guarantee a safe and reliable joint.


8. Simple welding technique, convenient installation. Total cost is low for the installation.


9. Polyethylene water pipes are produced in black, black with blue stripes and blue etc.